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People's Covid Inquiry Statement

With more than100,000 deaths from Covid-19 we believe the public deserves to know how and why this has happened. The death toll will continue to rise for many months until vaccination starts to have an effect. In the meantime, learning the right lessons is urgent if lives are to be saved. Our ‘People’s Covid Inquiry’ will examine what has happened and how well the NHS was prepared.

We will invite oral, written and video testimony from NHS staff, other frontline workers and members of the public as well as hear expert evidence. There will be a series of online Zoom meetings where a panel will interrogate the evidence presented in these testimonies.

A powerful body of work will be developed to help understand how best to restore the NHS, public health and social care to the quality public services essential to look after people and keep them safe, both now and in the future.

Why have we called our People's Covid Inquiry now?

How will the People's Covid Inquiry work? 

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