Impact on the population | 2 of 2 | Mental health and impacts on schools, children and young people

7pm - Wednesday 2 June (registration below)


‘I think what we want to hear from the right honourable gentleman is a bit of support … a bit of encouragement to pupils,
and perhaps even some encouragement to his friends in the left-wing trade unions to help get our schools ready’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 10 June 2020


‘We are seeing the devastating impact of Covid-19 on mental health, with more people in crisis. But we are just as
worried about the people who need help now but aren't getting it. Our fear is that the lockdown is storing up problems
which could then lead to a tsunami of referrals’ 

Professor Wendy Burn, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, May 2020.


In order to better understand these issues we will listen to frontline staff, young people, parents, and education unions. We will hear how the Government, schools and higher education organisations responded. We will also draw on the evidence available from the work done prior to now by Independent SAGE, the National Education Union, and NHS mental health services.


Michael Mansfield QC (chair), Professor Neena Modi, Dr. Tolullah Oni, Dr. Jacky Davis

Lorna Hackett Barrister (Counsel to the Inquiry)


Kevin Courtney | Joint General Secretary, National Education Union

Others invited TBC

Children have suffered badly from the upheavals set in motion by Covid-19, and from the impacts of the pandemic  on their education. Schools, colleges, universities and staff unions have been at the centre of controversy over the timing and duration of the three lockdowns, and have been a key focus of government messaging. Women have also been differentially affected by the pandemic, often being forced to take on even heavier caring responsibilities. Overall, mental distress across the country has escalated. In this session we look at how mental health has been impacted by Covid, and in particular at how women and children have borne the brunt of this impact.

People's Covid Inquiry hosted by Keep Our NHS Public

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