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15 April The Times
We must scrutinise the government’s handling of the pandemic Michael Mansfield

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12 April 2021  British Medical Journal 

‘Sixty seconds on … a covid-19 inquiry’ 



25 March 2021 Liverpool Echo

Sage expert warns coronavirus may never be eradicated

25 March 2021 Left Foot Forward

Why we’re holding a Covid inquiry now, not waiting for the government Samantha Wathan


24 March 2019 Byline Times Podcast












The People’s Covid Inquiry Interview with Michael Mansfield (38:30 in)


24 March 2021 Tribune Mag
It's Time for a People's Covid Inquiry, Tony O'Sullivan


19 March 2021 The Guardian
Letters What a public inquiry into Covid must cover



March 2021  Morning Star
Two thirds of the public blame government policy for contributing to Britain’s Covid death toll


11 March 2021 Manchester Evening News.
20,000 lives could have been saved had lockdown happened sooner, inquiry hears

6 March 2021 The Lancet
It’s time to ask questions and learn lessons Richard Horton



4 March 2021
Two thirds of UK believe Government could have done more to reduce Covid death toll, new poll suggests


24 February 2021 BMJ Opinion
We need a people’s covid-19 inquiry now John Puntis



24 February 2021 Huffington Post

People's Covid Inquiry To Look Into Government's Handling Of Coronavirus



19 February 2021 The House
The People’s Covid Inquiry will scrutinise the government’s handling of the pandemic while we still have time to effect change Michael Mansfield

15 February 2021 Politics
Human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield heads up People’s Covid Inquiry into Government’s pandemic response


5 February 2021. Morning Star.
NHS campaigners launch ‘Peoples Covid Inquiry’ into 100,000 coronavirus deaths


8 March. Double Down News DDN
What do Hillsborough, Bloody Sunday & the Murder of Stephen Lawrence have in common with Covid-19?

8 February 2021. Russia Today.
Interview with John Puntis on the need for a People’s Covid Inquiry

People's Covid Inquiry hosted by Keep Our NHS Public

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