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Our Sessions of Inquiry

At the heart of our People's Covid Inquiry were nine online sessions, where expert witnesses, frontline workers, NHS staff and members of the public, gave evidence and told us their personal stories about life in the pandemic. They were then questioned by our prestigious panellists, including Michael Mansfield QC. Questions submitted by the public were also included. After the evidence-gathering sessions, the Chair and Panel shared their preliminary 'manifestly obvious' and urgent findings with the press on 7th July.  The final report will be published and made available on line in the autumn with  evidence-based recommendations from the lessons learned can save lives.
You can find out more about the sessions and much more below. 



Covid-19: How well prepared was the NHS?


Submit a question to the inquiry team

If you want your voice heard in our inquiry sessions we've created an online form so you can submit yours to the expert panel. We may not be able to take all the questions we receive during the session but the panel will see all the questions and they will inform the line of questioning. Click the button below to submit your question. 
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