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How will it work?

The People's Covid Inquiry is working hard to gather evidence, both from the experts and from ordinary people throughout the country. We've launched a survey and are commissioning independent polling. 

We're also asking people to submit video testimony of their experiences. 


At the centre of this work are eight sessions which will cover one of the following themes:


Sessions will be held at fortnightly intervals.

This website will form an easily accessible repository for written evidence and recordings of the meetings together with additional video testimonials. We will also catalogue work already done by others, such as indie_SAGE, Kings Fund, Amnesty, National Audit Office, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus etc. Our own online survey initiative is about to launch to facilitate the widest possible public participation. Once all online sessions and other evidence gathering initiatives have been completed, we will produce a summary making a series of clear recommendations about what is needed to make sure the NHS is both repaired and strengthened for the future.

We will share our findings and recommendations widely through all available channels, and make sure our evidence is a valuable resource available to others.

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