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Session 4: Impact on the population 1 - Disability and social care in the pandemic
Watch session 4 (Wednesday 7 April) again: In this session, we're looking at why were Covid-positive patients discharged into care homes on three separate occasions? Was the UK social care sector well-equipped to meet the pandemic, and could nothing more have been done to enable social care workers to protect both themselves and those depending on their care?
Witnesses: Professor Martin McKee, Professor of European Public Health, member of Independent SAGE, Dr Rachel Clarke, Consultant in Palliative Care Medicine Ellen Clifford, Disabled People Against the Cuts Clare Phillips, operations manager supported living services for adults with learning disabilities
Professor Martin Mckee speaking at the fourth session of the Peoples Covid Inquiry
Dr Rachel Clarke speaking as a witness at the fourth session of the People's Covid Inquiry.
Ellen Clifford speaking at session four of the People's Covid Inquiry on the Government's attitude towards disabled people.
Clare Phillips from session four of the People's Covid Inquiry on Boris Jonson's suggestion that care homes were not following procedures.
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