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Session 3: Did the Government adopt the right public health strategy?
Watch session 3 (Wednesday 24 March) again: In this session, we'll look at the Government’s engagement with local government public health teams, primary care GP teams, and the NHS and ask if this has been effective. And amid calls from civil society for the adoption of a ‘Zero Covid’ strategy, our inquiry asks: what does ‘Zero Covid’ mean and is it possible, or has the Government really done the best it can? Is it possible to protect the population and protect the economy at the same time? Did the prospect of an effective vaccine side-line effective test, trace and isolate?
Witnesses: Professor Anthony Costello Professor of Global Health; former Director at WHO and member of Independent SAGE, Professor Michael Baker Department of Public Health, University of Otago, New Zealand, Rehana Azam National Secretary GMB Union, Janet Harris Sheffield Community Contact Tracing Group
Rehana Azam National Secretary GMB, from session 3 of the #PeoplesCovidInquiry​ this week, on the Government's 'abject failure to protect workers. Matt Hancock said he couldn't afford to live on £94.50 a week - but that's what many workers are still are expected to get by on if they have to self isolate after testing positive.
Professor Michael Baker speaking at the #PeoplesCovidInquiry​ about New Zealand’s elimination strategy.
Professor Anthony Costello from session 3 of the #PeoplesCovidInquiry​ this week, on the UK's failure to follow a suppression strategy in response to covid-19.
Janet Harris from Sheffield Community Contact tracers speaking at session three of the People's Covid Inquiry.
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