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Session 2: How did the Government respond?
Watch session 2 (Wednesday 10 March) again: In this session, we will examine the Government's overall strategy for controlling the spread of infection, the timing and extent of ‘lockdowns’, their impact on case numbers, and the implications for death rates. We will make international comparisons and understand the underlying drivers for the decisions made.
Witnesses: ​Lobby Akinnola (Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice), Professor Sir David King (Independent-SAGE), Dr Helen Salisbury (GP), Jan Shortt (National Pensioners Convention)
People's Covid Inquiry Witness, Lobby Akinnola from Covid Bereaved Families for Justice, speaks powerfully about the experience of black families during the pandemic and how he lost his father to the Covid-19.  
Dr Helen Salisbury GP, People's Covid Inquiry Witness in the People's Covid Inquiry, speaking about her experiences as a GP in the pandemic, in Session 2 How did the Government respond?
Professor Sir David King, chair of Independent Sage, speaks about the UK's delay going into lockdown in March 2020.
Jan Shortt from the National Pensioners Convention, speaking at The People's Covid Inquiry
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